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More Practical Uses for GSE

Please note: the dosages recommended on this page are for NutriBiotic® All-Purpose Liquid Concentrate of Grapefruit extract.(Those using Citricidal® liquid should divide by three.)

  Will grapefruit seed extract help my gingivitis? -J.T./ Dallas, TX 

   GSE is used by many people as an oral rinse, on their tooth brush(with or without paste) and as an additive to "Waterpik" type units. It is, in fact, an extremely effective treatment for gingivitis or any other bacteria or fungi related gum or mouth disorder. Many dentists have confirmed that it actually kills the bacteria which cause tooth decay and plaque as well as gingivitis. Recommended dosage for a simple oral rinse is 3 drops into a small(at least 5 oz.) glass of water, swishing vigorously within the mouth for 30 seconds or more. Adults and children over six years of age can do this twice daily after brushing teeth. Be careful not to overdo the GSE: applying the concentrate directly to the teeth could cause erosion of the enamel and tooth discoloration, not to mention the likelihood of irritating the gums and tongue. 

   I have chronic athlete's foot. I have heard grapefruit seed extract kills the bacteria which is the cause. If so, How do I apply it? --L.W./ W.Palm Beach, FL 

   Trichophyton interdigitate, the fungus causing athlete's foot, is killed very quickly by grapefruit extract. One patient reported that his chronic athlete's foot was gone after only one application.

It can be sprayed or swabbed on after being diluted with water to around a 1% concentration(10 drops NutriBiotic in one-half ounce of water). 

   I recently saw a new product at a trade show which promoted itself as a toothbrush sanitizer. You leave your brush soaking over-night, and it was good for maybe a week or two; but it seemed rather expensive. How about an inexpensive solution? -B.L. Richardson, TX 

   Use 2-5 drops of GSE in 5 oz. or so of water, and replace every week or so. 

   Can grapefruit extract be used with a colonic? -I.P./Philadelphia, PA 

   Yes. Use at a dilution of around 100 - 150 ppm, which would equate to 15 - 20 drops in a gallon of water. Some people should do a patch test first, if there is a possibility of a citrus food allergy. 

   Is there anything I can do to prevent bacteria or parasite ingestion at the source, i.e. correcting the problem with the food as opposed to protecting the body against contaminated food? -A.B./Washington, D.C. 

   One good way to prevent this problem at the source is to dip(wash) the fruits and vegetables you eat with 10 - 15 drops of GSE per gallon of rinse water. Keep submerged for 15-30 seconds. Meats, fish, poultry, etc., can also be rinsed with GSE at a slightly higher concentration to effectively kill Salmonella and other microorganisms. 

   Will grapefruit seed extract cure infection in the nasal passages and/or sinuses? 

   GSE is excellent as an infection-fighting nasal rinse. It is suggested you use 1 or two drops of NutriBiotic® with about 2 ounces of water, stirring well until thoroughly mixed. Add a pinch of salt to get the saltiness of tears. Spray or use an eye-dropper to get several drops into each nostril, and then swing the head quickly forward and down(so head is upside-down), forcing the liquid up into the nasal passages. Let drain after about 30 seconds.

One user in Sun City, California, reported that her doctor had been unable to cure her infected adenoides until he prescribed GSE. 

Handling And Use of Grapefruit Seed Extract

Extensive testing has been done with Grapefruit seed extract(GSE) in accordance with the techniques specified in the Regulations for the Enforcement of the Federal Hazardous Substances Act. (Code of Federal Regulations, Title 16, Chapter 11, 1976) Based on these results, GSE is classified as nontoxic by oral ingestion, and is not a primary skin irritant or a corrosive material.

However, as is the case with any bacteria, fungus, protozoan and virus killer, natural or synthetic, certain care should be exercised when using or handling.

Always use GSE only as directed. It is very important to avoid contact with the eyes. If contact should occur, immediately flush eyes/eye with water for at least 10 minutes and see a physician. GSE should never be taken full strength. Always dilute with 5 oz. or more of water.

Also, should the full strength product come in contact with the skin(except in the the case of warts or cysts, as directed), you should thoroughly rinse the contacted area.

As with medications, keep out of the reach of children. 

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