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Candida Yeast and Grapefruit Extract

"After many years of treating patients with thrush and intestinal Candidiasis, I have found Citricidal to be very effective. It is easier to modulate the dose than other anti-yeast products, as there is no bad after-taste. The liquid Citricidal is excellent for administering to babies and children. Efficacy compares with nystatin and GSE is less expensive." 
-Dr. David Bayley, N.D. North Vancouver, BC

Intestinal Candidiasis Stopped with GSE.

Chronic candidiasis(both intestinal and systemic) is being treated with excellent results using grapefruit seed extract, according to numerous clinics and medical practitioners. The same is true for oral thrush and diaper rash.

Dosage for patients, according to Dr. William Kellas of Comprehensive Health Center in Encinitas, California, is recommended at 3 - 4 drops after each meal(using Citricidal® professional strength GSE. Use 10-15 drops of Nutribiotic® GSE. -Ed.note.) Dr. Kellas calls grapefruit seed extract "the taste you love to hate," due to its bitter taste in water, vis-a-vis its effectiveness against candidiasis.

Many doctors advise patients to avoid the bitter taste of GSE by mixing it with carrot, vegetable, orange or grapefruit juice, while typically prescribing 2 to 3 drops(6-10 drops Nutribiotic), twice daily, diluted in at least four ounces of liquid. (Ed. note: The product is now available in tablet form.)

Regarding resistant patients, One doctor stated, "...I have had some immunosuppressed patients taking the preparation for over a year with no apparent development of side effects or drug resistance." In patients not responding immediately, this same doctor(who wishes to remain anonymous) has mixed other preparations and reports, "It appears to work in an additive but not synergistic fashion with all other antifungals which I have combined it, including nystatin, caprylic acid, ketoconazole, and amphotericin."

Other doctors in resistant cases have had success by increasing the dosage of GSE to as many as 6 or 7 drops(Citricidal® professional strength), 3 times a day. As usual, no side effects were reported.

The availability of grapefruit seed extract has been said to be "...a major therapeutic breakthrough for patients with chronic parasitic and yeast infections..." The same NYC doctor reported treatment failures in only two cases out of 297.

Science Daily report on Candida and high mortality rate for immunosuppressed patients.

"It would be hard to overstate the value of GSE to my medical practice. It has no inherent toxicity. For the past year I have used GSE in the treatment of intestinal parasitism and chronic candidiasis with excellent results. In the treatment of candidiasis it appears as effective as nystatin, caprylic acid, and other non-absorbed intestinal antifungal agents. Many drug sensitive individuals find GSE to be much better tolerated than other antifungal preparations, and I have several patients in whom this product alone helped control chronic candidiasis when no other medication was tolerated or effective. In the treatment of intestinal protozoan infections, (Giardia lamblia and Entamoeba histolytica) GSE has for the most part been more effective than metronidazole and other prescription antiprotozoan drugs." 

"Dear Nutriteam, Please send me another bottle of NutriBiotic capsules, I have been out for a while. I can sure tell the difference. When I was taking the capsules, I did have results. I started taking 3 a day for one month because the yeast was really rampant. When my symptoms got better, I reduced to 1 a day. I should have never gone without them this long. Thanks so much!"
-Wanda Caldwell, AL, USA

Candida Albicans

That same ubiquitous fungus which debilitates so many Americans, has also been a doubly bothersome and uncomfortable problem for the female gender.

Grapefruit seed extract is an efficacious remedial product for this age-old condition.

In a study done in Monterrey, Mexico, by the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, GSE was tested as a treatment for Candida Albican Vaginitis. There were 20 patients with clinic and laboratory diagnosis of chronic Cervix Vaginal Candida Albican. The 20 women all douched using GSE every 12 hours for 3 consecutive days. Ages of the women ranged from 22 - 44 years and all had active sex lives. Various contraceptive methods were used among the group and previous clinical evaluation varied from 1.5 months to 8 years.

According to Dr. Luis E. Todd, M.D., "of the 20 patients treated, 15 patients were cured after the first treatment. Four patients received treatment twice to receive clinic and laboratory negative results and 1 patient repeated treatment 3 times due to lab report positive." All this having been said, please continue with the next article, linking intestinal and vaginal infections. 

"As a specialist in environmental medicine and immunology I have a significant number of patients with chronic intestinal candidiasis, chronic bacterial dysbiosis and occult protozoan parasitosis. I have found that Citricidal has been a remarkable antifungal agent with excellent response in patients with chronic intestinal candidiasis. It also appears to be an excellent antiparasitic, and I have had some good results with Citricidal in certain intestinal protozoan infections, notably Blastocystis hominis. It seems to have a very low potential for side effects and appears to be non-toxic. I will continue to use this product extensively." 
Dr. Jeffrey Anderson 
Mill Valley, CA, USA

Vulvovaginitis and Intestinal Candidiasis

As reported by the New England Journal of Medicine in 1969, Candida albicans, a dimorphic fungi, is a well known cause of disease in humans and is acknowledged to cause vulvovaginitis. Recurrent vaginal candidiasis, commonly referred to as "yeast infection", is now being linked with the presence of gastrointestinal candidiasis.

Physicians Miles, Olsen and Rogers(Recurrent Vaginal Candidiasis, JAMA, 1977), reporting on 98 consecutive patients complaining of recurrent vaginal candidiasis, (three or more episodes), said that in only one was Candida albicans found in the stool but not in the vagina. The authors state that

"The results of this study demonstrate that vaginal candidiasis does not occur naturally without concomitant of C. albicans within the large bowel and that a 'cure' is not likely as long as the vagina remains the only treatment target."

This conclusion enforces the argument for simultaneous oral treatment for intestinal candidiasis as a curative solution to recurrent vulvovaginitis.

According to Dr. J.D. Sobel, M.D., as reported in the N.E. Journal of Medicine in 1986, after a 12-month study of patients suffering recurrent vaginitis, "It appears that maintenance prophylactic therapy is effective in preventing recurrent episodes of vulvovaginal candidiasis..."

Grapefruit extract is effective in controlling this all-too-prevalent fungus and is the prescription of choice for a rapidly growing cadre of alopaths and naturopaths throughout the country.  

"Mr.Allen, I'm writing to report that four months of GSE usage has, knock on wood, eradicated the yeast in my intestinal track. I haven't felt this good since I was 20 years old! My symptoms have disappeared. I have a clearer head, sleep better, and have more energy. What a relief! After all the mis-diagnoses from doctors (and the $$$!) who didn't have a clue as to what the problem was, a $10, 2 oz. bottle of GSE solved the problem. I'm still basically staying off processed sugar, eating fruit twice a day instead, and still taking GSE two to three times per day. 
Thank you for your help. I am indebted to you." 
Bill F.


Is there anything else I can do?

Yes. Consider first a change in diet. There are many books out there on diet and candida, but it is unlikely that diet alone will solve a candida infection. Of course, any improvement in nutritional support is a good thing. Cutting back on refined sweets, etc., and boosting intake of immune boosting nutrients can only help. Click for SCDiet website on bad carbohydrates, etc.

Essential fatty acids(EFAs) as found in borage oil, flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil, and other supplements, provide the necessary raw material for healthy cell membranes of all types, as well as raw material for glandular hormone output. Speaking of cell membranes, MSM, biological sulfur, is also of critical importance in permitting absorption of nutrients and elimination of wastes at the cellular level. MSM also assists in controlling Candida by stabilizing the acid balance in blood and digestive tract, thus making it more difficult for Candida to grow outside the colon where a small amount of this organism belongs.

How much better would you feel if your adrenal glands were working properly? Thyroid? Thymus? Think how much better you might feel if you could absorb nutrients properly at the cellular level(and also eliminate toxins properly)?

The addition of "probiotics" is also favored by most healthcare practitioners treating known cases of candida. In an ideal world, beneficial bacteria in the intestines(acidophilous, bifidous, etc.) would keep the harmful microbes at bay. But it is not just an encounter with antibiotics that can disturb the balance. Alcohol, food colorings, chemical residues, and so many other toxins in our environment can gang up to reduce immune response, deplete antioxidants from the system, and pave the way for imbalances or disease conditions.

Antioxidants can contribute greatly to better health, and they are much more readily obtained as supplements now than they were even five years ago. Very few people eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables to receive the therapeutic value that is possible. And in some cases, for example - vitamin E, it would be nearly impossible to eat enough of the right foods to get the recommended 200 too 400 I.U.s per day that have shown such promise in preventing heart disease, stroke, breast cancer, and more. Antioxidants include carotenoids(oil-soluble pigments in fruits and vegetables, now numbering more than 600), flavonoids(water-soluble pigments, i.e. from red grapes), Pine Bark extract, vitamins C and E, and probably many more that are waiting to be discovered. That is why supplementation should not be viewed as an excuse for a poor diet. Food is still 'what nature intended' we live on, while supplements may take on increasing importance as the food supply varies in quality and safety. 

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