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Citricidal® and NutriBiotic®?
What's the Difference?

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GSE - What is it?

grapefruit seed extract

 NutriBiotic® is a tradename applied both to grapefruit extract in liquid form and to a line of personal care products that include skin cleansers, dental gel, deodorant, and first aid ointment. NutriBiotic liquid concentrate is made up of 67% vegetable glycerin and 33% Citricidal® grapefruit extract. NutriBiotic® liquid concentrate is now made from 100% "Certified Organically-Grown" grapefruits, as are all products with the "NutriBiotic" label.

grapefruit seed extract

 Citricidal® is grapefruit extract in liquid and powder form for commercial use. Citricidal® liquid concentrate is triple the potency of NutriBiotic® liquid. Citricidal® in liquid form is 60% grapefruit extractives(quaternary compound) and 40% vegetable glycerin. Citricidal® Powder Concentrate is 50% extractives, 20% glycerin, and 30% silicon dioxide(a naturally-occuring drying agent). These are the strongest formulas available. (Vegetable glycerin is used as part of the complicated process by which the extract is derived from grapefruit seed and pulp. It is a natural choice, therefore, for standardizing the finished product.)

Citricidal® made from organically-grown grapefruits is sold in one-ounce bottles by health-care professionals and is also used as the raw material for NutriBiotic® liquid concentrate. Citricidal is diluted with vegetable glycerin to make NutriBiotic liquid concentrate. This yields what is still a very potent and stable compound, yet is less likely to cause irritation when label instructions are not followed.

Citricidal® is packaged in bulk(up to 50-lb. container) for commercial, agricultural, and industrial use by product developers, cosmetics manufacturers, farmers and veterinarians, soap makers, etc.

The supply of organically-grown grapefruit seed and pulp is not sufficient at this time to fill bulk orders of organic Citricidal®. However, every batch of Citricidal is tested and certified for purity(absence of heavy metals, pesticide residues, etc.) and potency. This is a product being used all over the world, with confidence, in an exceptionally large variety of applications.


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