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Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit Extract-Swiss Army Knife

What about GSE for tubs or pools?
Is Grapefruit Extract effective against anthrax?
Does GSE kill good bacteria in the intestines?
Can Germs Become Resistant to GSE?
What about Rumours that there are Chemicals in GSE?
How long can I take GSE?     Will GSE interfere with my heart medicine?
Why haven't I heard about GSE before?     Is it made from seeds, or seeds and pulp?
How do I use the powder concentrate?     What's the shelf-life of GSE?
How much GSE should I take?     What's the difference between Citricidal and NutriBiotic?
How many drops are in a bottle of GSE?     How much does it cost for various ailments?
Is it safe for pregnant women? Babies? Elderly?
Has Grapefruit Extract been tested?     A few testimonials.

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"I suffered for years with what my doctor called 'irritable bowel syndrome'. I also suffered through all kinds of useless therapies, including repeated cycles of antibiotic exposure, all to no avail. When I was given a bottle of NutriBiotic tablets, I was understandably skeptical, but at the end of that bottle(two months later), I had NO MORE IBS!" - L. T. -Vermont
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Frequently Asked Questions

QIs Grapefruit Extract effective against anthrax?
AThis is no longer a "frequently-asked-question" with the anthrax scare well behind us for now. However, there is some exciting news: a study entitled "Combating Anthrax: The Anti-Infective Armamentorium" has been published in the Journal of Burns and Wounds in December, 2004. This study establishes that GSE is an effective topical treatment for anthrax. This Journal is also available online, at www.journalofburnsandwounds.com. The authors are J.P. Heggers, R. Goodheart, A. Chopra, and J. Peterson, associated with the Department of Surgery, University of Texas Medical Branch, and Shriners Burn Hospital, Galveston, Texas. GSE also destroys bacillus subtilis, a spore that causes food spoilage and is a cousin of the anthrax spore, bacillus anthracis. Laboratory tests required only 2 ppm concentration to inhibit B. subtilis.

Serious efforts have been made for years to get the F.D.A. to register GSE(E.P.A. has been petitioned also). Both agencies have consistently ignored the petitions. This is most unfortunate, as there are literally thousands of people who can testify to the effectiveness of GSE against hundreds of harmful pathogens, including some very dangerous drug-resistant strains. It is certainly encouraging to see this current research published in a well-known, peer-reviewed journal of world-wide repute.

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QDoes GSE damage intestinal flora?
AThe answer is a qualified no. Even though we don't have clinical studies to prove it, all the feedback from consumers, doctors, veterinarians and others is to the effect that GSE does not damage the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract at normal doses. We are also highly in favor of supplementation with acidophilous and other so-called probiotics.

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QCan Germs Become Resistant to GSE as they can to antibiotics?
A There is no evidence that any type of micro-organism has ever developed a resistance to Citricidal or Nutribiotic grapefruit extracts. In fact it is believed that such resistance is not possible because of GSE's mode of activity. Because GSE actually disrupts the cytoplasmic membrane, changes in genetic make-up in the pathogenic organism would be irrelevant. What is still not known is how GSE can be effective against viruses, inasmuch as a virus has no cell membrane of its own.

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QWhat about rumours of Chemicals in GSE?
ANewsgroups and email groups have received postings to the effect that GSE contains Triclosan, Benzelthonium Chloride, or Methyl Paraben. The source of this type of report comes from both Germany
(Here is the PubMed reference to the German Report) and Japan, where Citricidal is not approved for human consumption. A more recent attack on GSE can be found at this link. The reason is that Citricidal is very similar in molecular weight to both Benzelthonium Chloride and Triclosan, both of which are effective disinfectants, but are toxic to human and animal life. In Germany their test(which is not well documented at all) for BC, Triclosan, and M.Paraben came up positive(which is more correctly called a "false positive") and in Japan, the same is happening for Triclosan. USDA found benzelthonium chloride in its 2001 test. Was this a simple error or a deliberate attempt to scare people away from Citricidal and Nutribiotic products?

Meanwhile, Citricidal has been tested for the presence of these toxins by independent labs, and has been proven clean. (Ex: Weston Gulf Coast Laboratories, Inc., University Park, IL, test completed in March of 1992. Tested for heavy metals, Cyanides, Pesticides and PCBs and Benzelkonium Chloride. Results: None Detected.) In fact, the accusations about triclosan(used in many dish and hand soaps in the US) became so frequent a few years ago, that Citricidal began specifically testing each batch of GSE for its absense, and providing a Certificate of Analysis to that effect.

The truth is, Citricidal is not only effective, it has been in use for decades and recommended by many high profile doctors and healthcare professionals. If these allegations had any validity, there certainly would be a history of complaints and judgements against the product, and it would have been removed from the market many years ago. Triclosan has recently been compared to "Agent Orange" in toxicity. The EPA rates triclosan as "highly toxic". The US FDA made inspections of the Nutribiotic manufacturing facility back in the 1990's and found no chemical preservatives; and the formula is the same today.
Such rumours are false, and are not a threat to those armed with accurate information. The test reports from Germany and Japan and the USDA are certainly bothersome, but they have produced "false positives", not accurate profiles. The vast body of evidence from many years of use by thousands of satisfied consumers, doctors, manufacturers, and veterinarians, speaks most loudly against such reports. (The German report, linked above, does suggest that some suppliers of "GSE" may, in fact, be fraudulent. But Citricidal and NutriBiotic GSE are both proven, safe, and effective products.)
More on 'quaternary ammonium compounds' here.
Read the "Citricidal Story."

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QHow long can I safely take grapefruit extract?
AGrapefruit extract is not like pharmaceutical antibiotics where a set number of days treatment is specified. You can safely take GSE over a long period, if needed, without any worry of toxicity. We have reports of people taking GSE every day for years(as a preventative) without side-effects of any kind. Also, a long-standing parasite infection could take quite some time to overcome. Don't give up!

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Q"I'm taking medication for high blood-pressure. Will GSE interfere?"
AWe have no reports of any drug interactions or contraindications of any kind. There is a danger in drinking fresh grapefruit juice or eating grapefruits when taking certain medications(consult your doctor). Grapefruit extract contains 0.1% or less of the compounds that increase absorption of certain medications. Consult your physician.

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QWhy haven't I heard about grapefruit extract(GSE) before?
AMost of our advertising is by word-of-mouth. Until the USFDA registration is approved, we cannot label the products as 'antimicrobial' or 'germicidal'. And consumers are overwhelmed with information from Drug companies and doctors who have little or no interest in botanical remedies. (BTW, We really appreciate hearing from you about your experiences with GSE.)

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Q Is GSE made from the seeds and pulp of grapefruit?
A Yes. Originally made from seeds only, it was discovered that a reasonable amount of the same active ingredient could be extracted from the pulp, also.

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Q "How do I use the powder concentrate of GSE?"
A For measuring accuracy in small doses, we recommend using the liquid concentrate. 1/16 teaspoon of powder concentrate is equivalent to 10-12 drops of Nutribiotic liquid(or 3-4 drops of Citricidal® professional strength), the recommended adult dose. So, generally speaking, just a small pinch at a time for various applications is plenty. This would be a handy way to add a little GSE to the washing machine, batch of potting soil, or wherever a dry preservative agent is needed. Our powdered extract is a very fine mesh powder that will mix well with any dry ingredients, including protein powders, corn starch, body powders, etc. The drying agent in Citricidal® Powder GSE is an inert, insoluble compound called silicon dioxide.
(Much of the powder concentrate being sold is going to manufacturers of encapsulated products, cosmetics makers, and those who are adding it to animal feed of various types.)

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Q What is the 'shelf-life' of products containing grapefruit extract?
A The oldest batch of extract still on hand is six years old, but it tests every bit as potent as a current batch. GSE is extremely stable. None of the NutriBiotic line(dental gel, cleansers, etc.) require a "best if used by..." date. The products will remain stable for an indefinite period, as long as they are not contaminated in some way.

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Q How much GSE can I take, safely?
A 10 to 15 drops of NutriBiotic GSE liquid(or 3 to 5 drops of Citricidal) at a time may be plenty. Nutribiotic now makes a "Maximum Strength" GSE tablet that is the equivalent of 20-25 drops of liquid. If you want to treat a condition aggressively, increase frequency of treatment up to 5 times per day. Keep in mind that a little bit goes a long way. What's important is to bring the solution into close proximity with the problem. For example, take a small amount internally and gargle when faced with a sore throat. Take internally and douche, if faced with a candida yeast infection. Take internally and apply topically for poison ivy or a fungal infection.
"Acute Oral-Toxicity Study" was performed in compliance with government standards by an independent lab, and showed that you could consume an enormous amount of pure extract without adverse effects, but we don't recommend it.

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Q What's the difference between Citricidal and NutriBiotic GSE?
A We've got the answer to that question,
at this link.

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QHow many drops are in a bottle?
AThere are approximately 800 to 1000 drops per ounce of extract. (Depends on temperature and the size of the dropper tip.)

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QIs it really cost-effective?
A One drop of GSE costs less than a penny. If you had a serious condition that warranted both topical and internal application, it might cost you 50 cents a day.

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"Grapefruit extract changed my life. I was born with systemic Candidiasis. I suffered much, without ever knowing what was the cause. As an adult, I became an alcoholic, unwittingly feeding the killer within me. But from the first day that I began with Grapefruit extract, I have not had another drink; I have lost 25% of the weight that burdened me down, and I now truly have a life." -L.D., Kansas City, MO.

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Q Is it safe for pregnant women? babies? children?
A According to the Association of Poison Control Centers, the AMA Physician Reporting System, and the Journal of Emergency Medicine, there have been no reports that Citricidal in any form has ever harmed anyone. In fact, there are thousands of clinical and anecdotal reports that Nutribiotic and Citricidal GSE have helped many, including young and old, and enjoys a safety record going back more than thirty years. Perhaps the question should be asked, 'Is it safe to harbor pathogenic organisms?' or 'Is it safe to take antibiotics during pregnancy?' Of course, each one must weigh carefully the risk/benefit ratio of any treatment.

Read letter to the Townsend report on thrush, babies, and GSE.
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Q Has GSE been tested?
A Yes. View the partial list of labs that have tested GSE.Test results showing "Minimum Inhibitory Concentrations" and other stats are available upon request, and are now posted on the net. Most of our bulk-order customers have done their own lab testing to be sure of product potency and purity. In June 2002, 'The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine' published research conducted by John Heggers, PhD, at the University of Texas Med School. This preliminary research confirmed that GSE was effective in inhibiting the growth of 67 different pathogens at dilutions that were non-toxic. Dr. Heggers plans further research on GSE as a wound dressing, as he is also affiliated with the Shriner's Hospital Burn Center in Galveston, TX.

In 1996 the U.S. FDA inspected the manufacturing facility in California, USA, and found no reason to change anything we were doing, including packaging, labeling, and manufacturing. Citricidal was submitted for official registration with the FDA as a "food and cosmetic additive", but FDA did not review the petition for two solid years. That petition was thereby terminated, and application has been made to the US Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) for registration as a water treatment. In 2000, the FDA was again petitioned to register Citricidal, but there has been no response. Don't hold your breath...

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QWhich diseases will it cure?
ACitricidal has been tested and found effective in lab studies against hundreds of pathogens, but we cannot guarantee a cure for anything. And we're not claiming that GSE works for everyone, everytime. There are countless herbal, homeopathic, and allopathic remedies that may be indicated. Still, GSE continues to be the "swiss-army-knife" of both prevention and cure.

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QCan we tour the plant?
ASorry. The manufacturing process is proprietary in nature. And it's just a factory, anyway. It's the product that counts.

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QWhat is NutriTeam?
ANutriTeam is the company and the website owned by NutriTeam, Inc. Sam Allen is the President. In addition to making NutriBiotic products available to the U.S., we distribute NutriBiotic and Citricidal products and many other health-related products and supplements. If you would like more information about our operation, Click here for our homepage.

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Click for exceptional sinusitus testamonial.

"I am a 33 year-old who somehow has had a sinus infection for a number of years. After the 1st surgery, the physician was sure it was a fungal sinus infection. He is a 'very reputable surgeon' who prescribed Sporonox. This cost me about $900 per month, coupled with the fear of what the required monthly liver tests might show.

Thankfully, I trusted my intuition and quit taking the drug in a short while, hoping I could find a natural alternative. With a degree in Health Services Administration and a victim of taking conjunctively E-Mycin and tetracyline-resulting heart palpitations etc, I've learned long ago that natural alternatives are often the best choice. With their roots in centuries of development in Chinese and other cultures, it's too bad that the realization of this for most Americans is such an uphill battle.

Taking the grapefruit seed extract orally immediatley attacked the fungal congestion problem I'd been stuck with for years. I couldn't believe it. It seemed more effective than even the $900/month Sporonox and apparently without the liver toxicity. I was planning on doing the irrigation with the solution but it is under control with just the oral. Thank you for providing such an effective medical solution for such an unbelievably low price."

R. S.
Black Hills, SD

"I'm sending this email to let you know of my SUCCESS STORY! My 8 year old daughter had an extremely embarassing case of warts. She had 40 warts on her hands and legs. Some were growing in large clusters. She couldn't wear shorts and she was always embarassed at school, hiding her hands as best she could. I bought a bottle of Grapefruit Seed Extract as a last resort before spending what would have been thousands at the dermatologist to see if it would work. I am happy to say that after nightly applications of GSE to her warts, THEY ARE ALL GONE! There are no scars and her skin is smooth. You can't tell she ever had them. Her self confidence is back and she is a happy 3rd grader.

I can't tell you how happy I am about the results we experienced. I am going to keep using it for other things but wanted to let you know how happy I am. The best part is that unlike Compound W, Freezone, and all of the other wart remover products we used, GSE didn't have the bad smell and it didn't burn my daughter when we put it on.

Thank you SO much!!! -D.L.

Here's an update from Doug Gleason, June 30, 1999:
"I just wanted to inform you that my father's foot is nearly completely healed. His heel which had a golfball sized diameter ulcer approximately 1/4-3/8" in depth is 100% healed and requires no further treatment. The hole (literally completely through) in his foot which was tunneled from the size of a quarter on the bottom down to a nickel on top between his first two toes is now closed on the top and we can barely fit the shaft of a cotton swab in it now. As I have told you previously, we have been battling his diabetes for several years now and his feet have been the majority of the problem. Prior to his heart attack he was seeing a podiatrist 1-2 times a month who normally would cut away the dead skin and patch up the sores, as others with this condition will attest. He always had swelled, dry, cracked and bleeding feet especially between the toes, not to mention the arthritis in his knees. His legs were like leather. I am pleased to say that now he just checks the hole for any dead cells and removes them. Other than that, he does nothing else. There are 3 more scheduled visits (has been going every week since April) and then it's a clean bill of health for the feet.
" This is my assessment of what has occured in the recovery:

"Tea Tree Oil- Helped the outer skin areas (applied 5-10 drops in cream from the knees down) become soft and removed dead skin....like a snake shedding it's skin. It also dried up the seeping fluids from the cracks; a must for diabetic feet.

" GSE- Absolutely no question this product saved his foot from amputation. Used internally and as a saline solution (1%) to flush the hole out as well as the ulcer. Gauze strips were then soaked and packed inside the hole to prevent infection. A pad was soaked with GSE and a few drops of TTO and placed on the heel. The foot was then wrapped. We did this twice a day for about 6 weeks. We had Regranex (at $400 per tube) but after researching and discovering it only had a 45% average success rate and was deemed a failure if no significant improvement was noted after 7 weeks, we stopped using it.

" MSM- We believe MSM has contributed to the rapid healing process and also relieved the pain in his knees. Vitamin C was added to his diet as recommended. He can walk now, something that was very difficult for many months previous. His sugar seems to be consistently lower and we are investigating lowering his sugar meds.

" I cannot overstate the seriousness of his illness. One week after returning home from the hospital, his foot was not improving despite being on IV AB for a total of 5 weeks (four in hospital, one at home) His foot surgeon stated after we asked about using hydrotherapy "....there's not much that can be done, he'll need to come back in June for amputation....". Even the visiting nurses said they had seen this time after time and the infection alone was enough to cause another heart attack which he couldn't survive (heart surgery is out of the question also), so we'd better plan for the inevitable. This is true; death was imminent according to the experts. The best thing that happened was when Dad ripped out the pick....twice (the AB caused him to become confused and disoriented). It was then we decided to take action and refused to have it reinserted. The rest is, well, history. Sorry for rambling and the redundancy, I just wanted to thank Sam for his help, quick responses and genuine concern he showed during my conversations with him. My sister works at a nursing home so we know the normal routine for infectious diseases such as this. I only pray others could be informed so their loved ones needn't lose life nor limb. On a final note, I firmly believe the heart attack could have been prevented had we known what we know now. Our goal is to eliminate the need for his numerous other medications.
Sincerely, The Family of Carl Gleason"
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"I'd read about the extract a few years ago and it cured my cough. My neighbor cured her gum disease. She'd been pureeing her foods for quite awhile and had already lost two teeth and others were going soon. She called me all upset that the dentist was putting her back on an antibiotic. I rushed over with my bottle of GSE and made her drink 15 drops in water immediately and told her to do it again at least once again that night. She went out the next morning and bought two bottles of her own(bought no antibiotic!) and now over two years later she hasn't lost any more teeth or been back on an antibiotic-also she eats regular food!

I've used it to stop flu in its tracks and just recently my cat(14+yrs old) wasn't eating. Took her to the vet. Her gums were bad and blood work showed an infection. He gave her a prescription for an antibiotic. I didn't want to do that to such an aged animal so thought that the GSE might work. I figured out that one drop, 3 times a day for a 10 lb animal would work. I mixed it with water and used an eyedropper to get it down her throat. She started eating her dry food again within three days and after(12 days of treatment) two weeks we took her back to the vet for a teeth cleaning. Another friends cat got a cat flu that had killed lots of pets here in Las Vegas. I again made up the GSE and gave her a dropper bottle full. It held 6 days worth. It saved her cat! My son is away at college and he loans his bottle regularly. He put a full-strength drop right from the bottle on a wart(on his arm), put a band aid over it and it left just a small round spot where the wart had been." Thank you,
Florence B. Leppert Las Vegas, NV 89123-0832

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A testimonial from Diane Kester, San Diego, CA:
"Over the years, I learned that I had "yeast syndrome". I tried nearly every product known to western or holistic medicine, to little avail. When a local physician recommended GSE douches to my sister-in-law, I tried it, but with little effect. But then, years later, I rediscovered GSE, and started putting NutriBiotic GSE in my drinking water, 10-12 drops at a time.

I slowly began to realize that many things in my life had changed! I was not nearly as tired as I had been in months past. My sinus headaches had diminished dramatically, as had their severity. And, to my delight, I hadn't experienced a vaginal "yeast infection" in months. I find also, that my general health and susceptibility to colds and flu-like illnesses were also dramatically decreased. If I caught something, the symptoms were minor.

My friends and I who have begun using GSE on a regular basis are finding many beneficial side effects. Body warts, herpes-related cold sores, arthritis symptoms, all reduced in symptoms, or altogether. eliminated!

We use it to clean our fruits and vegetables, clean cooking utensils(I put some in the dishsoap), and a variety of other uses.

I am a total believer and convert to the effectiveness of GSE and espouse its use at nearly every opportunity.

Thank you! It may not have literally saved my life, but it has certainly changed it for the better!"
Diane L. Kester, San Diego, CA.
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Mr.Allen, I'm writing to report that four months of GSE usage has, knock on wood, eradicated the yeast in my intestinal track. I haven't felt this good since I was 20 yrs. old! My symptoms have disappeared. I have a clearer head, sleep better, and have more energy. What a relief! After all the mis-diagnoses from doctors (and the $$$!) who didn't have a clue as to what the problem was, a $10, 2 oz. bottle of GSE solved the problem. I'm still basically staying off processed sugar, eating fruit twice a day instead, and still taking GSE two to three times per day.
Thank you for your help. I am indebted to you."
Bill F.

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