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Grapefruit Seed Extract
for Farm and Garden.

farm, garden, and grapefruit seed extract

Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Shrubs,
Can be Protected Naturally, with GSE.

Using Citricidal or Nutribiotic Grapefruit Extract.
A potent, broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent that is also safe to handle, is biodegradable, requires no special equipment, is non-corrosive, and has a 25-year track record of safety and effectiveness as a human and animal therapeutic.

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Gardeners, both professional and homegrown, use grapefruit seed extract(GSE) as a natural, harmless pesticide, and to provide the antimicrobial benefits of grapefruit extract where mold, fungus, rust, blight, etc., are a problem.

Gardeners generally prefer the Citricidal® professional-strength product because it is triple the strength of the consumer-grade(NutriBiotic®) and is therefore considerably more economical.
We regret that Citricidal is currently in short supply. fruits, flowers, vegetables, protected by grapefruit extract

Grapefruit seed extract will protect you as a grower from potential liability(chemicals kill people) and protects the customers from exposure to pathogenic microbes. Produce rinsed with a dilute solution of Citricidal® can extend shelf-life or transit time by three to four times.
Table of weights/measures for Citricidal here.

Citricidal® or Nutribiotic GSE can be applied by spray(from the ground or the air) or can be metered into the water supply for green houses and hydroponic operations. When making large batches, for maximum effectiveness, it is important to obtain a homogeneous mixture of the product. It is therefore recommended to make a pre-mixture in a lesser quantity of liquid, and then admix with the rest. Liquid or powdered GSE extract can be mixed into seed beds, potting soil, mulch, fertilizer, and compost. When watering houseplants or small lots, 5 to 10 drops Citricidal per gallon should be plenty to keep pathogens at bay.

Grapefruit extract is most effective against microscopic organisms, but it is effective against larger farm and garden pests. This is true especially of soft-bodied pests such as aphids and slugs. Japanese beetles and other hard-shelled bugs are not as easily inhibited, but they do respond. A combination of GSE and cayenne pepper can be especially effective, and even more so when combined with garlic. Grapefruit extract can be combined with numerous other agents, as indicated, without any known "interactivities" or "contraindications". GSE is biodegradable, so concern for earth worms and beneficial bacteria is minimal.(In humans and animals, GSE does not disturb the beneficial bacteria in the intestines with normal dosages.)

Citricidal GSE mixes well with virtually all solvents, including water, alcohol, and organic solvents.

Processing Rooms and Manufacturing Equipment

Where a pathogen-free environment is necessary(a sprout house, for example), please follow these instructions:

After washing with water and neutral detergent, rinse or spray with a 1:5000 Citricidal® solution, allowing to air dry, or dry with a clean cotton cloth. (In the first process, it is recommended to double the strength of the solution to 1:2500, or 40ml per 100 liters.) Thereafter, use a small concentration, 50 to 250 ppm, of GSE in all aqueous phases of the operation, including watering, feeding, fertilizing, sprouting, germinating, etc. 50 ppm is one ounce in 200 gallons, or 5-6 drops per gallon.
grapefruit seed extract

Additional Advantages of Citricidal®

fruits, flowers, vegetablesCitricidal® , even undiluted, is not irritating to skin and mucous membranes. (Caution: do not put in eyes, or undiluted on the tongue; could cause irritation.)

GSE is non-corrosive to metal, wood, fabric, plastic, painted surfaces, etc.

GSE has very high anti-oxidant power, yet is non-toxic, non-volatile, and does not alter the smell or flavor of produce or other foods at normal dilutions. Grapefruit extract can be applied right up until harvest and through the shipping, handling, and storage phases without concern, which cannot be said for commercial pesticides.

GSE can be used with people and/or animals present in the area, which means quarantine is not necessary for immediate occupation or use. There is no build-up in the soil. Any residue on application tools is actually a plus for those handling them.

GSE is biodegradable and does not pollute the environment. Extremely hard water or water with high levels of chlorine may require an increased concentration for effective results.

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