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Grapefruit seed extract(GSE) is being used effectively in a wide variety of health issues. This has been proven in laboratories all over the world, and is supported by feedback from doctors, veterinarians, farmers and consumers. Non-toxic, biodegradable, economical, with no harmful side-effects.

grapefruit seed extract grapefruit seed extract grapefruit seed extract

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Dr. Jay Gordon, M.D.: Candida diaper rash and thrush stopped

January 30, 1996

The Townsend Letter 
To the Editor:

I am writing to you because I know that your readers are always interested in new and better ways to treat patient's problems.

Like most other pediatricians and family physicians, I have seen many children with candida diaper rashes and oral monillasis. Treating rashes and thrush with nystatin preparations is not always successful and many parents strongly object when they read the label and see what I've asked them to put into their baby's mouth three times each day for a week or two or more.

I began using grapefruit seed extract about five years ago after a mother in my practice told me about her success in using an extremely dilute(a few drops to three or four ounces of water) solution to treat a yeast infection in her baby. the results were wonderful and the families in my practice were very happy to listen to a much more natural suggestion for curing this very common problem. The parents are very pleased to be using a product which is not only more naturally derived but is also free of the additives found in nystatin products; they are tired of all the artificial colors and sweeteners.

My first experience was with a thirteen-month-old baby who had transferred to my practice after multiple courses of antibiotics to treat an ear infection. The otitis media was finally in remission, but the bright red candidiasis in the diaper area was causing as much distress to the infant and her parents as had the ear infections. I recommended that they add five drops of Grapefruit extract to four ounces of water and leave it on the changing table to wash the baby's bottom as part of each diaper change. A miraculous overnight cure did not occur, but within a few days the rash was receding and infection was gone within another week. A second similar adventure with a two-year-old boy convinced me that I was onto something.

I have used the same dilute solution to treat refractory diaper rashes and oral yeast infections in many children and I'll continue to look for new uses for what I regard as an innocuous, natural antimicrobial.

I have found this weak citrus solution to be completely safe for even the very youngest babies in my practice. (I once tried putting an undiluted drop on my own tongue and learned a valuable lesson which I pass on to all the parents about taking great care in diluting the extract.)

...I now recommend it(grapefruit extract) at least three or four times each day for fungal and minor bacterial infections...

Jay N. Gordon, M.D. 
Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics

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GSE used for Alpacas

This test was conducted by Dr. Guillermo Calderon, Associate Professor of Immunology at the University of San Marcos in Lima, Peru.

Five hundred and sixty baby alpacas ranging in age from 2 - 6 weeks were divided into five different groups, two receiving placebos, two receiving alternative medications, and one group receiving 400 ppm doses of grapefruit extract, 1 dose daily for three days.

Dr. Fernando Scheelje of Interfab, S.A., reports,

"For many years decreases in alpaca have been difficult to cope with. Enterotoxemia, colibacilosis, and enteritis are the major infectious problem in baby alpacas. Vaccines and antibiotic treatment have proven to have different and non-stable results."
The tests conducted by Dr. Calderon indicate that Grapefruit extract "...at 400ppm given orally, out-performed competitive drugs and reduced the average death rate from over 50% to less than 2%."

In conclusion, Dr. Scheelje wrote that Grapefruit extract "gave a promising solution for a traditional problem in two ways: (A.) Preventative, and (B.) Curative." 

A New AntiViral

We have another whole page on GSE here.

In laboratory tests conducted by Southern Research Institute and reported by William M. Shannon, Ph.D., head of the Microbiology-Virology Division, grapefruit seed extract "...was effective in inactivating HSV-1 (herpes symplex virus type 1) after a 10 minute exposure at a 1:256 dilutions."

Against human influenza virus type A2/Aichi/2/68 in vitro, the MIC(minimum inhibitory concentration) for GSE was the same, 1:256. Dr. Shannon reported, "The fact that Grapefruit Seed Extract effectively inactivated both HSV-1 and influenza A virus suggests that an EPA type viricidal assay might demonstrate significant efficacy for this product."

In South America, Interlan, S.A. reports that grapefruit seed extract has been tested effective against the measles virus.

The United States Dept. of Agriculture tested GSE and found it effective against four animal viruses: Foot and Mouth Disease, African Swine fever, Swine Vesicular Disease, and Avian influenza.

As to exactly what the possibilities are for GSE, only time will tell. We do know that it has been acclaimed effective in the aforementioned applications, and off the record, we have heard reports from many people who claim GSE has dramatically lessened symptoms of even the common cold and flu viruses. So, given its efficacy as an antiprotozoan, we will be closely watching for evidence of GSE's effectiveness against these molecular parasites. 

Poison Oak and Ivy, Warts and Dermatitis

Many forms of dermatitis, poison oak, poison ivy, cysts and other skin disorders are being effectively treated with grapefruit seed extract. The healing effects of this product seem to promote the healing of almost any atypical skin condition.
Applying GSE topically, we have had reports of cysts dissolving with only a few treatments, stubborn warts removed with only a few applications, and poison oak and ivy relieved, sometimes overnight.

The recommended application for most skin disorders is to mix GSE at about a 1% concentration (alternatively, with other essential oils like chamomile and tea tree), and applying from a spray bottle, leaving on the skin.

Alternatively, 2 to 3 drops can be applied by fingertip to the wetted affected area, leaving on for a few minutes, then rinsing thoroughly with cool water.

An even more concentrated application is often needed for cysts and warts, with doctors recommending direct application of a single drop on the cyst or wart and covering with a bandaid after the GSE is allowed to be absorbed.

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