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Grapefruit Seed Extract
grapefruit seed extract

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Frequently-Asked Questions about Grapefruit Seed Extract     
Grapefruit Extract - What is it? How Does it Work?
Read about Dr. Harish and his remarkable discovery.   |   Parent's Guide to GSE
Grapefruit Extract for Farm and Garden   |   Pets benefit from Grapefruit Extract
GSE Effective for Oral Health
Hospitals Use Grapefruit Seed Extract   |    Soil Test Confirms: GSE Environmentally Safe
Where Do Grapefruit Come From, Anyhow!   |    Intestinal Health
University of Georgia Evaluates GSE   |    Recommended Dosage for Internal, Topical, Household Use
Investigator Hails GSE for Intestinal Health |  Skin Cleanser Touted 
Women's Issues and GSE   |    Drink the Water, Enjoy Your Holiday!
Dental care, Mouth Rinse, Foot Bath, More.   |    Handling and Use of Grapefruit Extract
First Aid for Drinking Water   |    Stops sore throat. | 
A few testimonials   |    Bibliography    |   What's Wrong with Antibiotics?
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Discovered in 1972 by Dr. Jacob Harich, a physicist, grapefruit seed extract(GSE) has been used all over the world for the better health of people, plants and animals. It is used in food and cosmetics, for skin care, animal health and surface cleaning. Grapefruit extract is also non-toxic, environmentally safe, and quickly bio-degradable. It causes no side effects and is often dramatically less expensive than existing treatments or chemicals for similiar applications, whether human, animal, or agricultural in scope. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, unconditionally.

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How was GSE Discovered?


Jacob Harish was eating a grapefruit for breakfast one morning in France and savoring its taste.

World War II had just ended and since fresh fruit was a rare treat in Europe at that time, Jacob savored it all the more - until, that is, he bit into a seed! The extremely bitter taste of the seed interrupted his enjoyment of breakfast but also prompted him to wonder, 'What makes it so bitter?'

For many, such a question would have been of mere passing interest, but for Jacob, a budding scientist, it inspired a compelling inquiry, one that would take decades to answer and years more to 'bear fruit'.

Jacob Harich was born in Yugoslavia in 1919 and educated in Germany. WWII interrupted his studies in nuclear physics. After witnessing the horrors of war as a fighter pilot, young Harich was inspired to devote the rest of his life to improving the human condition. To this end, he augmented his studies in physics with a full university course in medicine, specializing in gynecology and immunology. Arriving in the United States in 1957, Dr. Harich furthered his education at Long Island University, N.Y. But it wasn't until 1963, after moving to the heart of grapefruit country in Florida, that he received the necessary support to carry out his research.

Harich approached Dr. Steven Otwell and Dr. Wayne Marshall, both leading researchers on the effects of microbes on food. Although initially skeptical, they were won over by the demonstration of GSE's amazing ability to protect produce, fish, and poultry from the assault of bacteria, fungi, and parasites. The reputation of these two doctors and the renown of the food science laboratory at the University of Florida, Gainesville, their home base, prompted other institutions to consider the claims being made by Dr. Harich.

Finally, by 1990, holistic health practitioners in the United States began to hear about this remarkable product, understand the implications for their patients, and thereby gave Dr. Harich's work the boost it deserved into scientific credibility.

In 1995 Dr. Harich was invited to Europe as a guest of honor of the Pasteur Institute of France, Europe's leading AIDS research center. For several years the Institute has been researching the potential of GSE as a prophylactic against the HIV virus as well as against some of the secondary infections associated with AIDS. He was also honored by farmers in Europe who now use a powdered form of GSE in fish and poultry feed to fight two potentially lethal bacteria, Salmonella and E. Coli.

Dr. Harich died in May of 1996. It is pleasant to think that he did receive in his lifetime the recognition he deserved for a life devoted to a revolutionary approach to controlling dangerous germs.


University of Georgia Evaluates GSE


Testing was conducted by the U. of Georgia, in Athens, GA, to evaluate grapefruit seed extractin tests against E. Coli, Salmonella sps., and Staph aureus. Roger Wyatt, Ph.D., and Microbiologist for the U. of GA, reported,

"Our studies indicate excellent potential for these products(GSE). ...The toxicological that I have reviewed indicated that this product and the active ingredient poses very low toxicity. As you know this is important because most disinfectants that are currently used in either animal or human environments have moderate to high toxicity and extreme care must be exercised when these products are used. The lack of any significant toxicological properties of (GSE) is also impressive when one views the efficacy data where extemely small concentrations of the product can be used with markedbeneficial results."

Dr. Wyatt continued, "In view of the reports that we have discussed, the wide spectrum of activity that (GSE) offers(antiviral, antibacterial; Gram+ and Gram-, antimycotic, and antiprotozoan) will undoubtedly aid in its acceptability."

Dr. Wyatt's findings have also been confirmed by a variety of clinics and labs, as well as universities from around the world, including the University of Arkansas, the U. of Malaya, the U. of Sao Paulo, and the University Ricardo Palma, to name a few.


Skin Cleanser Touted by University of Sao Paulo


Not since hexachlorophene has anything been so powerful and deeply effective as a cleanser. Fortunately for us, grapefruit seed extractwhen mixed with soap and cleansing products is effective and yet does not harm the skin or the environment. Its efficacy is corroborated by Dr. J. A. Rotino of the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. Dr. Botino was testing GSE against alcohol in emergency field prep situations and reported, "...(GSE) was 100% effective(at 100 ppm) when used as a pre-surgical prep compared to 72% effective for alcohol."

Dr. Botino also found that GSE was "...100%(effective at 100 ppm) as compared to 98% for commercially available surgical soap" when used as a pre-surgical scrub for l minute.

A growing number of dermatologists, aestheticians and cosmetologists are now using GSE mixed in soaps, skin cleansers or as a direct treatment itself, to cleanse, purify, and balance facial skin and other areas of the body.

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As a super facial cleanser aestheticians apply 2-3 drops of GSE to their moistened fingertips and gently massage the wetted facial area in circular motions for about a minute, rinsing thoroughly with cool water. Patients often report a tingling sensation of the skin following the treatment which is indicative of the cleansing action properties of the GSE.  

Enjoy Your Holiday!


Up until now, about the only way you could avoid the awful race to the bathroom while traveling abroad was to boil or chlorinate everything you ate or drank, and sterilize all utensils. Even those extremes could be for naught if you inadvertantly moistened your toothbrush with tapwater. Grapefruit Seed Extract(GSE) has proven to be an exceptional, and simple alternative! Click here to checkout the GSE Traveler's Friend

Doctors recommend as little as one or two drops in a glass of water each day as a preventative for "Traveler's Diarrhea" aka "Montezuma's Revenge". It is also reported by Dr. C. W. Lynn, M.D., of Orlando, Florida. He reports that while traveling in South America, a patient and traveling companion suffered severe diarrhea three days after eating way-side strawberries en route from Argentina to Churin. Dr. Lynn prescribed two drops in a glass of water at noon and once again at bedtime.

Dr. Lynn's Clinical Investigational Form reports that the next morning, the patient "...was down to breakfast and eating. No further bowel problem."

In another trip to Mexico and South America, Dr. Lynn traveled with a group of 38 patients ages 10 - 68 years both male and female. Half of the group took 1 drop of GSE daily while the other half did not. Of those taking the GSE "...not one acquired diarrhea", while the other half suffered. 

First Aid for Drinking Water


GSE is ideal as a safe and simple way to treat drinking water when camping, back packing or in any emergency situation where safe drinking water is not obtainable, and boiling(or distilling) is not practical.

Available water should first be filtered. (At the very least, let suspended particles settle.) Retain the clear water and add 10 to 25 drops of grapefruit seed extract(less for questionable tap water, more for stream or pond water) for each one gallon of water. Shake or stir vigorously and let sit for a few minutes. A slightly bitter taste may be noticed. This is just the inherent taste of the GSE.

Safe and easy to carry!


A word on humidifiers: Put 3 or 4 drops GSE per gallon of reservoir water into your humidifier, and voila! The slimy algae will not grow! This will work whenever standing water is present. Safe and non-toxic.    

Stops sore throats. Click here for our soothing GSE Throat Spray


Such a simple remedy for a problem that is usually candy-coated instead of cured.

Gargling with GSE and water will handle the most resistant sore throat conditions. The necessary dilution of GSE against Streptococcus faecalis is only 1:80,000, in vitro. In vivo, doctors are recommending gargling with 2 to 3 drops in 5 ounces of water. This gives an effective and potent dilution ratio of about 300 - 500 ppm. (For small children, mix one or two drops into any palatable heavy syrup, which will slow the product as it goes down the throat, and conceal the bitter taste, which kids don't like.)

Unlike many currently marketed products for sore throat pain, after gargling with GSE, it is completely healthful to swallow the solution. 

"When my son came home from school, he looked terrible. He said his throat was killing him. I knew that morning he was getting worse, and so I had obtained the GSE liquid concentrate. He felt so bad that he was willing to try gargling a few drops in water, and then swallowing the remainder. He had to go to work for a few hours, but when he came home, he said he already felt better! After 2 more days of gargling and swallowing GSE in water, he was fully recovered and full of energy!"
- D. M., Vermont

Citrus Paradisi - Where Did They Come From?

The oldest known mention of the grapefruit tree comes from the seventeenth century, when this evergreen fruit tree was discovered by botanists on the island of Barbados(hence the name "paradisi"?). It may be a variety of the shaddock or pomelo tree, which is found in Southeast Asia, and grows wild there today. (The common grapefruit of Florida groves is considered Citrus Grandis.)

The grapefruit tree ranges in size from 4 to 25 meters in height. A large, mature tree can produce 500 to 700 fruit per year! One grapefruit can weigh up to a pound. The english term, "grapefruit" was no doubt applied because of the grape-like clusters in which the fruit forms.

In 1823 the first grapefruit from Barbados were brought to Florida for commercial cultivation. Today, in Florida alone, more than 2.5 million tonsof grapefruit are harvested annually. Grapefruit are also grown commercially in Spain, Morocco, Israel, Jordan, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Jamaica, and SE Asia.

Grapefruit seed extract(GSE) is a quaternary compound converted from the bioflavonoids(naringin, isosacuranetin, neohesperidin, hesperidin, dihydrocampherol glycoside, poncirin, quercetin glycoside, campherol glycoside, apigenin rutinoside, to name a few) found in grapefruit seed and pulp. This plant-based germicidal has proven to have a strong growth-inhibiting effect on bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. Because of its extremely low toxicity for humans, plants, and animals, it is becoming the treatment of choice by those seeking a broad-spectrum antimicrobial without the side-effects associated with most pharmaceuticals.

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