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Parents Guide to
Grapefruit Seed Extract

Newborns, Infants, Children, Pregnant Women.

Parental Concerns.
Every parent worries about poisons and other perils in their child's environment. The number of chemicals and pathogens we are exposed to, even in our own homes, is staggering. Children are exposed even more thoroughly than adults because they crawl on the floor and explore things with their hands, knees, lips and wet fingers. Their small body-size increases the actual concentration of toxins encountered as a percentage of body weight. No responsible parent wants to add to the load on their child's young immune system.

Non-Toxic Grapefruit Seed Extract(GSE) Cleans and Treats Safely.
Concerns about germs have prompted many parents to purchase "antimicrobial" hand soaps, handy-wipes and other personal care items. Triclosan and Benzelthonium Chloride, the two most common germicidal agents, are extremely toxic and may represent a considerable long-term risk. Triclosan is rated "highly toxic" by the US EPA, and has recently been compared to "Agent Orange" in toxicity. But take note: Citricidal®(and Nutribiotic GSE, which is made with Citricidal) has the potency of some commonly used industrial disinfectants like benzelthonium chloride, without the toxic side-effects. Use Nutribiotic GSE in bathrooms, on counters, in food-prep areas, garbage containers, pet areas, and all other areas susceptible to infection. Apply to all common-use surfaces, such as toys, telephone hand-sets, computer keyboards and touch-screens, door knobs, and more. Citricidal can be used alone or in combination with virtually any cleaning agent. Always use Citricidal in the rinse water after any cleaning job to leave a protective residue on tile and tile grout, linoleum, vinyl tile and sheet flooring, painted surfaces, etc. This will also keep sponges, string mops, and all other cleaning tools sweet and clean smelling, and free from germs.

GSE is safe for Topical & Internal Use.
Even for infants and nursing mothers.
Dr. Jay Gordon, MD, is a well-known pediatrician that recommends GSE.

For internal use, the rule of thumb is to adjust the adult dosage down to the size of the child. For example, if an adult takes 10-15 drops of Nutribiotic liquid GSE, then a 10-lb child would receive 1-5 drops. Click for general GSE dosage information.
For cuts, scrapes, rash, irritations, mix 3 or 4 drops NutriBiotic(1-2 drops Citricidal) liquid concentrate in one or two tablespoons of water and apply with cotton swab or gauze pad. Or use NutriBiotic First Aid Spray or First Aid Ointment.

smile For internal use, Some ingenuity is needed. GSE is both sour and bitter, neither of which is attractive to the young palate. Bring your child's favorite sweetener to the rescue! Maple syrup and molasses are especially good when the problem is a sore throat - they slow the movement of GSE down the esophogal tube, thus increasing contact time with the strep or other offending bacteria. Citrus juices and stevia(a natural sweetener of exceptional strength) are also good ways to conceal the sour/bitter taste of GSE. When children get older, teach them to gargle with plain water and then it won't be so traumatic when gargling with GSE.

For earaches, never use GSE full-strength. Use Nutribiotic Ear Drops, or make your own: mix 4-10 drops of Nutribiotic GSE in one ounce of alcohol, or 1/2 ounce each alcohol and glycerin. Apply just one or two drops of this mix to the affected ear 2 or 3 times a day until symptoms are gone.

Many parents allow virtually unlimited contact between youngsters and pets. This is not healthy because of the dozens of parasites that can be communicated from beast to child(and then from child to child...). Citricidal and Nutribiotic GSE are effective against virtually all parasites, in addition to stopping bacteria, yeast, mildew, and virus.

Even hot water and detergent are not enough to fix all conditions that can be found in the laundry. Add Nutribiotic GSE to wash water and/or rinse water to protect your family and friends. For normal loads, just a few drops of GSE will suffice. In cases of known or suspected issues of infections of bed-linens or clothing, or when laundering diapers or similarly soiled clothes, add more(up to 30-60 drops Citricidal per load).

Water Treatment.
For day-care, camping trips, cisterns, animal watering bowls, thermos-bottles, and in all cases where water will be exposed to the air, use Citricidal to prevent disease-causing issues from multiplying. For water treatment and/or storage, add 5 to 50 drops per gallon, depending on water quality, temperature, and length of storage time.

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