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Did you know that in taking a warm shower your body can absorb up to 600% more chlorine than by drinking a glass of water. Chlorine and now Chloramine is commonly used in municipal water to treat against bacteria, parasites, and other microbial growth.
The problem is that both Chlorine and Chloramines are toxic and dangerous to our health even in low doses. Some of the more common less serious side-effects include but are not limited to:
Dry itchy skin.
Premature aging of skin.
Damaging to hair.
More serious effects include chronic diseases associated with chlorine absorption.

The solution, Vitashower natural vitamin C shower and bath treatment. Vitamin C is safe and effective in neutralizing and thus eliminating chlorine and chloramines from your shower and bath water.

For years people have not been properly educated on the dangers associated with exposure to chlorine, or how to eliminate this harmful chemical in a safe and affordable way. For years the most common way was use of activated charcoal or carbon and more recently KDF filter media. While both of these have proven to be fairly effective and certainly better then nothing, they do have limitations. The most important being that they are less effective the warmer the water gets. Who doesn't like to take a warm shower though?

Vitashower Vitamin C is NOT effected by the temperature of water and is capable in cold to hot water in eliminating both chlorine and chloramines.

We are very excited about these break through products and are confident that you will enjoy the affordable and practical benefits.

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