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Pets of all sizes and shapes can benefit greatly from use of grapefruit seed extract(GSE): it is an excellent remedy for skin diseases, external injuries, fungal infections, and internally, the diseases caused by parasites, bacteria, and viral or fungal infections.

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Since pets can’t tell us what’s wrong, and since GSE is such a broad-spectrum solution, it is becoming the first-line of defense for animal breeders, Veterinarians, and pet lovers of all types.

For external use, for skin fungi, parasites, or bacterial diseases of the skin: Mix 50 to 100 drops of Nutribiotic® liquid extract in a quart of water, and spray on the infected area. This same dilution can be used as a general antiseptic for cages, stalls, or any other contact areas. No need to rinse or remove residue of GSE. NutriBiotic liquid GSE can also be mixed into virtually any topical preparation, like shampoo, flea-dip, cat litter, bedding, etc.

For Internal Use:

The rule of thumb for gastrointestinal disorders in pets, including bacterial, fungal, parasitic, or viral, is to use one drop of liquid concentrate or 10 milligrams of powder extract per 10 pounds(5kg) of live weight. Use only one-third if using the "professional-strength" concentrate(Citricidal®). This can be administered once a day, or in case of known infection, up to three to five times per day. Alternately, Citricidal or NutriBiotic liquid can be injected into the water supply to provide a general level of protection, and then treat infected animals more aggressively. Here's a great story on horse gas colic.

In acute cases, the dosage can be increased dramatically without ill-effect, but the wisest course is to increase frequency of dosage, rather than increase the size of dose by more than 2 or 3 times.

Keep in mind that GSE does not produce the negative side-effects associated with antibiotic use. Intestinal flora remain intact with the use of GSE. Chemical measures(like chlorox and other disinfectants) add stress to the constitution, in some cases resulting in increased exposure to re-infection. Not so with GSE. Animals and environment are cleaner, stronger, and less susceptible to reoccurrence.

GSE can be introduced in food, water, or by topical application, including mouth-spray. Some pets will object to the taste of Citricidal, but if so, just reduce the amount for a few days, and then gradually increase to desired protective levels. Yes, you can give GSE to your pet every day as a preventative, without worry. We have no report from any source that GSE has ever harmed a living thing. (Unless you're foolish enough to put it on your tongue, undiluted!)

Usage Levels for NutriBiotic®:

As a preservative for food and water: 15 - 60 drops Nutribiotic per gallon. As a Disease-Control agent: three to 15 drops of GSE added to pet food or water. One or more times treatment per day, depending on size of critter.

Note that, as with human therapeutic use, it is not necessary to exceed, on a daily basis, the recommended dosage. One or two drops of Nutribiotic GSE per 10 pounds of live weight as a preventative, per day, and increase this amount to one drop per 10kg, up to three to five times per day to aggressively treat a known or suspected infection. We do not have clinical studies to prove it, but since animals have higher metabolisms(and birds especially so), it should be possible to exceed these recommendations without trouble. In an "Acute Oral Toxicity" study done in a laboratory, it was determined that an adult human would have to drink 2 quarts of Citricidal per day for 2 weeks to reach a 50% chance of lethal dose.

According to Stephen Reeve Blake Jr. D.V.M., of San Diego, California:

"I have found it(GSE) effective in the treatment of Giardia, ear infections, and superficial pyoderma(skin infections). I have also used GSE to purify meat so that I can feed my patients raw meat and not worry about food poisoning... I have used GSE for canker sores, gum infections, and tonsilitis in animals, as a vaginal douche for breeding horses(to prevent infection) and to prevent foot rot in horses."


NutriBiotic GSE® stimulates the immune systems of birds, reptiles and animals, thus there is less need for medication, and lower mortality rates. Eliminates bacteria, viruses and parasites in the gut. Stimulates the absorption of nutrients by eliminating undesirable microorganisms in the gut. NutriBiotic® is compatible with all known antibiotics, sulfur drugs, notrofuranes, coccidiostats and other chemotherapeutics. However, you may be able to eliminate the use of such compounds by using GSE. 


Philadelphia veterinarian, Dr. Dava Kalsa, has used GSE extensively in her holistic practice. Because ear infections in cats can prove highly resistant to treatment, Dr. Kalsa was particularly interested in GSE's antifungal properties. She says:

"GSE has proven itself to be extremely dependable and effective while adhering to the criteria of a natural, non-toxic modality."

Pat McKay, author of It's Reigning Cats and Dogs, has devoted her life to researching the benefits of herbal and homeopathic remedies for animals. On the feeding of cats and dogs, Ms. Mckay writes:

"All poultry must be treated with Grapefruit Seed Extract to avoid the possibility of Salmonella, a bacteria that can cause food poisoning. GSE can also be used as a natural preservative."

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Linda Rose Cherney is a fervant voice in the effort to save the endangered California desert tortoise. Her research has revealed yet another application for grapefruit extract:

"It appears that Grapefruit Seed Extract can be useful in rehabilitating injured and sick turtles and tortoises. Some people have reported astounding recoveries when natural remedies, especially GSE, are used appropriately."

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"I've used it to stop flu in its tracks and just recently my cat(14+yrs old) wasn't eating. Took her to the vet. Her gums were bad and blood work showed an infection. He gave her a prescription for an antibiotic. I didn't want to do that to such an aged animal so thought that the GSE might work. I figured out that one drop, 3 times a day for a 10 lb animal would work. I mixed it with water and used an eyedropper to get it down her throat. She started eating her dry food again within three days and after(12 days of treatment) two weeks we took her back to the vet for a teeth cleaning. Another friends cat got a cat flu that had killed lots of pets here in Las Vegas. I again made up the GSE and gave her a dropper bottle full. It held 6 days worth. It saved her cat! My son is away at college and he loans his bottle regularly. He put a full-strength drop right from the bottle on a wart(on his arm), put a band aid over it and it left just a small round spot where the wart had been." Thank you, 
Florence B. Leppert Las Vegas, NV 89123-0832

"My little Bichon puppy developed a rash that caused her lots of itching, scratching, and biting. When I took your advice and put some diluted GSE on the area of the rash, within one day she was much better, and after three days, no more rash!" 
-C. Frey, Ft. Pierce, FL

Doug Gleason from Vassar, Michigan reports: 
"My horse is twelve years old, and for the last six years has had a bad case of what is called gas colic. This involves some kind of digestive problem with large amounts of bloating. I have had to have the Vet pump the horse to remove excess fluid.

"Facing another trip from the Vet to pump the horse, I decided to spike the horse's water with Citricidal, since I had recently had such good results with my father's diabetic foot and my son's cold symptoms. Well, when I came out the next morning, I actually did a double-take, not believing it was the same horse! The bloat seemed to be completely gone, overnight. ...I have tried a lot of 'snake-oil' remedies over the years but this(Citricidal) is the first product that really delivers what it promises."

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