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Livestock and Grapefruit Extract


Cattle, horses, hogs, fish, poultry, even reptiles can benefit greatly from use of GSE: it is an excellent remedy for skin diseases, external injuries, fungal infections, and internally, the diseases caused by parasitic, bacterial, viral or fungal infections.

Since animals can't tell us what's wrong, and since GSE is such a broad-spectrum solution, it is becoming the first-line of defense for many farmers and Veterinarians.

Horses, in particular, are subject to respiratory problems related to exposure to certain molds. Traditional antibiotics are no help. Grapefruit Seed Extract has proven to be quite helpful, administered orally and as a nebulized spray. One breeder reported success with nebulized GSE when no other treatment helped his prized horse.

For external use, like skin fungi, parasitic or bacterial diseases of the skin: Mix 30 to 40 drops of Citricidal® liquid extract in a quart of water, and spray on the infected area. Alternately, mix into a shampoo solution and leave on the skin or fur for a few minutes, then rinse well. This same dilution can be used as a general antiseptic for cages, stalls, or any other contact areas. Use in hoof care, too. Spray, diluted as above, directly onto hooves, or use in a trough at the entrance to insemination stations, milking parlors, etc. When larger volumes are needed, bovine udder wash for example, mix 5-10 ounces into a 50 gallon drum.

For Internal Use:

In 1984, the USDA approved Citricidal® as a treatment for Avian Influenza. They promised to do research for more uses, but never did.

The rule of thumb for gastrointestinal disorders, including bacterial, fungal, parasitic, or viral, is to use one drop of liquid concentrate or 30 milligrams of powder extract per 20-30 pounds(10-15kg) of live weight, when using the "professional-strength" concentrate(Citricidal®). This can be administered once a day, or in case of known infection, up to three to five times per day. Alternately, Citricidal or NutriBiotic liquid can be injected into the water supply to provide a general level of protection, and then treat infected animals more aggressively. Citricidal is a very effective preventative against bovine mastitis.

In acute cases, the dosage can be increased dramatically without ill-effect, but the wisest course is to increase frequency of dosage, rather than increase the size of dose by more than 2 or 3 times.

Keep in mind that GSE does not produce the negative side-effects associated with antibiotic use. Intestinal flora remain intact with the use of GSE. Chemical measures add stress to the constitution, in some cases resulting in increased exposure to re-infection. Not so with GSE. Animals and environment are cleaner, stronger, and less susceptible to reoccurrence.

GSE can be introduced in food, water, or by topical application, including mouth-spray.

More Cattle Have EColi Than Thought

By PHILIP BRASHER, 2/29/00 AP Farm Writer.
WASHINGTON (AP) _ About half the cattle at the nation's feed lots carry the deadly E. coli bacteria during the summer _ making it at least 10 times more common than previously thought, government research shows.

The study by Agriculture Department scientists who outlined the findings Tuesday, said they are considering new controls on cattle production and beef processing.

The research ``requires us to re-examine our policies and standards for dealing with this difficult organism,'' Thomas Billy, administrator of USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service, said at a conference in Arlington, Va.

The bacteria, which is most commonly found in ground beef, kills about 60 people each year and sickens an estimated 73,000 more, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

USAGE LEVELS for CITRICIDAL® Grapefruit Extract:

As a Preservative and Mold Inhibitor: 50 to 250 ppm (.05 kg - 0.25 kg per metric ton) of Citricidal added to animal feed. As a Disease-Control agent: 250 to 750 ppm (0.25 kg to 0.75 kg per metric ton) of Citricidal added to animal feed.

Note that, as with human therapeutic use, it is not necessary to exceed, on a daily basis, the recommended dosage. For example, if you are metering Citricidal into the water supply, you do not need to treat the food supply, unless dictated by the growth of mold, etc. One drop Citricidal per 10 - 20 kilos live weight as a preventative, per day, and increase this amount to one drop per 10kg, up to three to five times per day to aggressively treat a known or suspected infection.


Add Citricidal Powder or Liquid at desired level during manufacturing process of animal feed (pre-mix along with vitamins and other nutrient additives). Add liquid citricidal to drinking water as required. Levels may vary due to the quality (bacteria levels) of feed or water.


Citricidal® stimulates the immune systems of animals, thus there is less need for medication, and lower mortality rates. Eliminates bacteria, viruses and parasites in the gut. Stimulates the absorption of nutrients by eliminating undesirable microorganisms in the gut. No withdrawal necessary before slaughter. Does not damage beneficial bacteria in the gut at normal dosages. Compatible with all known antibiotics, sulfur drugs, notrofuranes, coccidiostats and other chemotherapeutics. 

field"We've been using Citricidal for just a few months and have noted a big improvement in the health of our cows, hogs and chickens. We're seeing better growth, less loss, less sickness, just an overall improvement in health. For the hogs and chickens, we're using the 'medicator' to inject the GSE; for the calves, we just mix it in with their feed. And we are using it to protect the health of our whole family, as well!" 
-G.Longenecker,  -Pennsylvania, USA

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