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Citricidal® Technical Data


Product Description

Citricidal® is a broad spectrum antimicrobial compound synthesized from the seeds and pulp of grapefruit.


Citricidal® is an extremely potent and effective broad-spectrum bactericide, fungicide, antiviral and antiparasitic compound. Citricidal® is environmentally safe with a low toxicity to man and animals.

Mode of Activity

Studies indicate that the antimicrobial activity of Citricidal is in the cytoplasmic membrane where the uptake of amino acids is prevented and disorganization of the cytoplasmic membrane and leakage of low molecular-weight cellular contents occurs.


Citricidal® is biodegradable according to the "Standard Test Methods for Determining the Anaerobic Biodegradation Potential of Organic Chemicals", ASTM Standards, Section 11, Water and Environmental Technology, Procedure E 1196-2, pp. 879-901, 1993.


Agriculture: Bactericide and fungicide in both pre-harvest and post-harvest treatment. Range: 50 ppm to 250 ppm*


Fish and Poultry: Disinfectant for fresh fish and poultry, preservative for processed fish and poultry. Range: 100 ppm to 1000 ppm*


Animal Feed: Mold inhibitor and antiparasitic. Range: 50 ppm to 250 ppm*


Food: Preservative and antioxidant. Range: 10 ppm to 250 ppm*


Cosmetics: Preservative and antimicrobial. Range: 1000 to 10,000 ppm*


Water Treatment: Disinfectant for contaminated water. Range: 50 ppm to 250 ppm*


Therapeutic: Range: 50 to 200 mg./dose*


*International registrations only


Physical Properties

Chemical Description: Diphenol hydroxybenzene complex


Appearance(liquid): Liquid/heavy viscous


Color (Gardner): 2, lemon Yellow


Odor: Mild citrus


Specific Gravity (d25 oC): 1.110


Density (lbs./gal): 9.4


PH (d25 oC): 2.0 - 3.0


Flash Point (oF): 292


Viscosity (Centistoke): 134.91


Molecular Weight: 565


Solubility: Water, alcohol and organic solvents

Citricidal Liquid

Grapefruit extractives: 60%, Vegetable glycerin USP: 40%

Citricidal Powder

Grapefruit extractives: 50%, Silicon Dioxide-USP: 30%, Glycerin-USP: 20%


Citricidal Toxicology

Acute Oral Toxicity

LD50 over 5,000 mg/kg of live weight

Chronic Toxicity

(Acute oral with continuous feeding and reproduction study for 24 months.)

LD50 2,500 mg/kg of live weight (Rats and Guinea pigs)

Acute Oral Toxicity(Continuous feeding study with fishmeal for 12 mo's)

LD50 5000 mg/kg of live body weight(Adult rats, 12 months)

LD50 400 mg/kg of live weight (newborn rats)

Dermal Toxicity

Not a primary skin irritant and is non-corrosive.


12-month tests in mice show no carcinogenic effect. 24-month tests in rats show no carcinogenic effect.

Long-term Inhalation Study

Closed chamber exposure for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 90 days - no effect at 100 - 150 mg/m3 air

Dermal Toxicity Carcinogenicity

2 year studies with rats and mice. No carcinogenic, toxicity or systemic effects seen.

Eye Irritation

Full strength - severe irritation with slight corneal iris injury. 0.5%, 1%, and 2% concentrations produce irritation and moderate erythema.

Human Patch Studies

1% and 2% concentrations produced no irritation or sensitization. 3% concentration produced very mild irritation by allergic humans.

Citricidal®, as a natural extractive, is listed as GRAS(Generally Recognized as Safe) under the Code of Federal Regulations as 21 CFR 182.20 Citricidal® has been tested for safety in both humans and animals, and does not harm the environment. Citricidal® is also considered non-corrosive.

CAS No.: 90045-43-5

CTFA listing: Grapefruit Extract

The data presented herein is based on experiments and information believed to be accurate and reliable. However, no warranty is made, either expressed or implied, regarding the accuracy of the results to be obtained from the use of such data. We will assume no responsibility for the results or performance in products and applications over which we have no control.

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