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More Practical Uses for
Grapefruit Seed Extract

Household, Commercial, Industrial Usage.

Patching Compounds.

patchAdd grapefruit extract to any patching, caulking, or filling compounds to improve resistance to a broad-spectrum of contamination. This is of particular value when the substrate may contain moisture and/or some residue of microorganisms. Citricidal® grapefruit extract is soluble in water-based, alcohol-based, as well as organic-solvent-based compounds.



Architectural Coatings(Paint).

row housesAdd Citricidal to any coating system, including primer coats and finish coats, deck stains and sealers, clear coatings and specialty finishes like STO(trowelable finish system). Particularly effective in areas of high humidity, such as restrooms, shower areas, and all exteriors. Just 10 to 30 drops per gallon will greatly increase resistance. (More can be added, but may soften the film slightly. Use more only when fungus or mildew threat is severe.)

All-purpose Cleaning.

Hospitals, Schools, Day-Care Centers, Nursing Homes, Residential and Commercial sites. Citricidal® has the potency of some commonly used industrial disinfectants like benzelthonium chloride, without the toxic side-effects. Use Citricidal in bathrooms, on counters, food-prep areas, garbage containers, and all other susceptible areas. Apply to all common-use surfaces, such as telephone hand-set, computer touch-screen, door knobs, and more. Citricidal can be used alone or in combination with virtually any cleaning agent. Always use Citricidal in the rinse water after any cleaning job to leave a protective residue on tile and tile grout, linoleum, vinyl tile and sheet flooring, painted surfaces, etc. This will also keep sponges, string mops, and all other cleaning tools sweet and clean smelling.

Carpet and Rug Cleaning and Shampoo.

Whether cleaning by hand or with a steam/extractor(like Rug Doctor or truck-mounted systems), use Citricidal to clean and freshen. Just a few drops per gallon of hot water will provide better cleaning, and leave a small amount of residual protection on the yarn surface and in the backing(where applicable). Citricidal can be used alone in hot water, or with any selected cleaning agent. Citricidal removes the source of odors, so no smelly perfumes are needed. (On hand-made rugs particularly, always test an inconspicuous area for reaction to dyestuffs.)


Even hot water and detergent are not enough to treat all conditions that can be found in the laundry. Add Citricidal to wash water and/or rinse water to protect your family and friends(hotel guests, employees, visitors, etc.). For normal loads, just a few drops of Citricidal will suffice. In cases of known or suspected issues of bed-linens or clothing, add more(up to 30-60 drops per load).

Water Storage or Standing Water.

waterCisterns, animal watering tanks, cooling towers, and in all cases where water will be exposed to the air, use Citricidal to prevent unwanted conditions from multiplying. For water treatment and/or storage, add 5 to 30 drops per gallon, depending on water quality, temperature, and length of storage time.
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