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Water Treatment and
Grapefruit Seed Extract 

Grapefruit Extract is the best emergency water treatment. When power supplies are gone(and distillation is not possible), and water available is of questionable quality, use Citricidal or NutriBiotic extract to prevent disease. A water treatment of broad spectrum application, with no side-effects like chlorine or iodine preparations. 10-12 drops of NutriBiotic®, 2 or 3 times per day, will protect you. Use 1/3 this amount when using Citricidal® professional strength concentrate. For storing water in an emergency, filter through a cloth, let remaining particles settle, pour off, and add a few drops of GSE per gallon, then agitate, and let stand before drinking or storing. If water is known to be contaminated, use more, but if not, just a few drops(10 to 20 drops NutriBiotic or 3 - 8 drops Citricidal liq.) per gallon should suffice. 
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Many Common Applications: Acne, Cold Sores, Impetigo , Sinusitus, Ulcers, & more

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Commercial/Home Fruit and Vegetable Wash.

To prolong the life and improve the quality and healthfulness of virtually any fruit or vegetable, rinse your produce with GSE. Proven potency will stop the consuming, decaying, or contaminating of your entire shipment(or your next salad...).
"Initially, my wife bought your product to control candida yeast and oral thrush. She tried a couple of its other uses after reading the information on your web site. After rinsing our salads at home with a solution, the limp broccoli became firm and flavorful, and the sliced mushroom rehydrated and remained white and flavorful twenty-four hours later. Even sliced cucumbers were still crisp." 
D. R., -Wisconsin, USA

Various tests in commercial applications using GSE in concentrations of as low as 30 - 50 ppm have extended the shelf or transportation life of fruits and vegetables by as much as 300 - 400 percent.

What a boon for the grower and seller and what a windfall in freshness for the consumer! For home rinsing, it is recommended that 10 to 20 drops in a gallon of rinse water could be enough.

For Commercial Use(using Citricidal® GSE):

Fruits: In the final rinse, mix up to 250 ml per 100 lt of water (equivalent to 1/3 fl. oz. per gal. or 9 fl. oz. per 28 gallons. In most cases, one-tenth or less may be sufficient). 
Vegetables: In the final rinse, mix up to 250 ml per 100 lt of water. 
Flowers: Atomization - Mix up to 25 ml per 100 lt of water(equivalent to 100 drops per gal. or 1 fl oz. per 28 gallons. Again, considerably less may be efficacious in your case). 
Note: Citricidal is incompatible with anionic wetting agents. Also, if water contains over 6 ppm of free chlorine or has a high mineral content, the efficacy of Citricidal or Nutribiotic GSE concentrate will be decreased. 
Above usage levels apply to Citricidal® Professional-strength concentrate.

Fish Tank Algaecide

At very low concentrations, grapefruit seed extract can be most effective for fish tanks, while offering very low toxicity to fish. As is the relative case with human consumption, at low concentration the ingestion of the extract is actually healthful to fish, while protecting them from infection.

In one test conducted in South America on coho salmon roes with eyes, Dr. Carlos Roman, Zoologist for the Chile Foundation reported, "...the doses between 75 - 200 ppm(of grapefruit seed extract) do not effect the viability of the salmon roes."

Now an algae-free fish tank of any size can be maintained...Without the fear of toxifying its contents. 

Chlorine-Free Jacuzzi

Grapefruit extract has been used extensively in lieu of chlorine in a variety of bathing and swimming applications.

Although the water clarity cannot be maintained as well with GSE as with chlorine, the healthful effects of this natural botanical extract, when compared with the unknown long-term effects of the absorption of chlorine, suggest that GSE be the germicide of choice in many applications.

Accordingly, where water clarity is not an absolute requisite, GSE could replace chlorine, but, unfortunately, at this time a test kit for detecting GSE concentrations in water is not available. Where clarity is more important, swimming pools, for example, ozone and/or hydrogen peroxide can be considered along with GSE. For practical purposes, therefore, GSE is most often used to replace part of the treatment that is measurable, such as chlorine, ozone, or other commercial preparations. We recommend ozone for testing and clarity issues, along with 1-ounce of GSE per 2-300 gallons of water to kill the microbes that might get past the ozone.

GSE Replaces Chlorine as Wastewater Treatment.

As city, county and state officials continue to seek out more cost-effective and advanced wastewater treatment methods, a better mousetrap has surfaced in the form of Grapefruit Seed Extract. Chlorine(friend or foe?) may be a thing of the past, based on evaluations of GSE conducted by two independent environmental pollution control and wastewater systems companies.

John R. Carson, Microbiologist for J. R. Schmidt & Associates, details his findings:

"During the past months, I have investigated the possible use of grapefruit seed extract as a disinfection agent for domestic wastewater treatment plant effluents.

Stock solutions of a known dilution of GSE were made. Various amounts of this stock solution were added to 100 ml portions of secondary domestic wastewater treatment plant effluent and allowed to interact, with slight agitation, for fifteen minutes. After this contact time, the samples were tested for fecal coliform counts using the membrane filter technique.

"Data from this investigation suggests that grapefruit seed extract could be effectively used for domestic wastewater disinfection. At a dilution of 3.5 x 10 minus4, a fecal coliform count of less than 1/100 ml was consistantly obtained. A dilution of 2.5 x 10 minus4 yielded fecal coliform counts of less than 200/100ml, which is generally accepted by the environmental regulatory agencies as adequate disinfection of secondary wastewater effluents."

In a similar report done by Armadillo Environmental Services, it was reported that "...effluents requiring high level disinfection yielding fecal coliform counts of less than one, an application rate of 0.35 ml/L is indicated. This rate of application will require 2.9 lbs. of GSE to treat a million gallons of wastewater effluents, delivering a fecal coliform count of less than 1/100 ml, when less than 200/100 ml is generally accepted by environmental regulatory agencies."

Couple this efficacy with its rapid degradability and lack of toxicity and you have an environmentally friendly wastewater disinfectant, which may help mother earth to function a lot longer and a lot healthier.

Artesian and Dug Wells and Other Water Quality Issues

Citricidal is much more effective in well-cleaning than Chlorine bleach, and not much more expensive. One ounce of Citricidal® will treat 50 to 200 gallons of water, depending on the level of contamination. If you're buying Citricidal by the gallon, one ounce costs just over $2.00. A compelling reason to choose Citricidal is the broad-range of microorganisms that are inhibited: not just coliform(E.coli), but virtually all parasites(many are unaffected by chlorine), virus, fungi, mold, and even drug-resistant strains of bacteria. 
For the best mixing of Citricidal with well water, mix one or more ounces of Citricidal into a gallon jug(or larger) with water, and shake well until thoroughly blended. Then this mixture can be poured into the well-casing, dug-well, cesspool, swimming hole, etc. Since GSE is slightly heavier than water, it will migrate to the bottom, as long as you have added a sufficient quantity.

Since Citricidal is entirely safe for humans, animals, and plants, the well can be put back into normal operation as soon as sediment has cleared. Water your pets and plants without the chlorine worries.

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