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TC-501 Automatic Water Distiller

TC-501 Automatic Water Distiller
The Automatic TC-501 water distiller is the next step in making sure your family, business, or laboratory has a constant supply of distilled water. The 501 distiller connects directly to a water line and distills on-demand. All stainless steel construction of the boiling chamber and tank makes this a heavy-duty distiller that will last for years. Produces up to 8 gallons per day and has a 6 gallon storage tank.
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Click here for the TC-501 installation and operation manual.


Product Description

This unit is the next step up in size a distilled water output among our automatic water distillers. It is suitable for everyday heavy usage. It is fully constructed of heavy duty 304 stainless steel inside and out. It is powered by a 900watt heating element and will easily produce up to 7 gallons of pure steam distilled water daily. It has a 6 gallon storage tank to meet your distilled water needs. Cleaning and maintenance is easy due to a convenient drain valve attached to the boil chamber, which you can use to drain the boil chamber and contaminates every 1-2 weeks. A more thorough cleaning can easily be performed by accessing the boil chamber every 1-3 months, timing depends on the amount of contaminates removed form your water. The quality of this distiller is comparable to units selling for 2-3 times as much, and will serve you for years. Each unit includes a full 1 year warranty on parts and labor, and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee!


Product Specifications

Dimensions L*W*H 19.5 in x 14 in x 19 in. (These are the actual dimensions of the distiller not including the drain valve or pour spout.)
Power Consumption: 925 Watts Total (Including Fan)
Full 304 stainless steel construction
Includes 1 Year Warranty On Parts and Labor
6 Gallon Stainless Steel Storage Tank

Package Includes

TC-501 Automatic Water Distiller
Instruction Manual
Charcoal Pre-filter (Replace Every 6-12 Months)
Water Supply Line
Installation Kit(See Photo Above)
Key Features

  • Easily connects directly to your water source using a 1/4" line for on-demand distilling. Simply use the installation kit included or purchase an inexpensive addle valve if you prefer.
  • Fully automatic model. Automatically stops when distilled water storage tank is full, and starts distilling automatically when the distilled water level drops by 1 gallon or more.
  • Full stainless steel construction inside and out. (See pictures above for more detail)
  • Features an efficient, quiet running, and long-lasting ball-bearing fan for cooling.
  • Water level sensors to control water level inside boil chamber and collection water tank.
  • Raw water inlet control valve.
  • Uses an electronic circuit board to control the flow from water inlet, boiling process, and control of water level in distilled water storing tank.
  • Residue discharge valve for easy discharge of residue and cleaning of boiling chamber.
  • OPTIONAL: A Demand Pump can be used with this distiller to supply remote locations. Demand pump not included.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Is the distiller easy to setup and operate?

A. Yes. The distiller arrives almost ready to use out of the box. The most important thing is to properly connect the included 1/4" waterline to your plumbing. While we do supply a basic install kit that many individuals use to install their distiller we do recommend you hire a professional plumber for this aspect of the installation to ensure proper fittings are used. Everyone's plumbing setup is different so we recommend that you seek the advice of a professional plumber on what parts you may need if you do choose to install the waterline yourself. Maintenance of the unit is simple and easy to perform according to the operating manual.

Q.How pure is the water produced by this distiller?

A.The water produced is generally measured lower than 2 parts per million, yes almost completely pure. This unit will produce distilled water that is pure enough for all your distilled water needs, including, Lab equipment, autoclaves, CPAP machines, drinking water, special diets, and other sensitive equipment.

Q. How long can I expect this distiller to last?

A.You can certainly expect a number of years of service from this distiller. The longevity of life can depend some on the maintenance performed and the quality of the water being distilled. This distiller is very easy to perform maintenance on, and even repair or replace parts on years down the road.

Nutriteam provides you with full service and customer support on all of our distillers. We have in-stock at all times parts to keep your distiller running, during and after your warranty. Should you ever need parts, customers who bought this distiller directly from Nutriteam, can receive 15% off the price of any mechanical parts you may need to purchase after your 1 year warranty, for the life of the unit.

For questions on the use of this distiller or any other distiller, feel free to email support@nutriteam.com or call us 800-785-9791 with your questions.

Additional Info

Additional Info

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