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Water Distillers

Nutriteam specializes in only the highest quality and time-tested water distillers. Our signature brand and most popular water distillers are produced by Megahome Corp. We are the exclusive importer and distributor for the USA. They have been producing their high quality countertop distillers for over 22 years. We also carry water distillers by Pure Water Inc. and Durastill which are the only two water distiller manufacturers based in the USA. 

Whether you are looking for a 1 gallon countertop water distiller or a larger automatic unit, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you make the right choice for you. We offer full service and tech support on all of our products. That is why we only sell top of the line products. 

Purchasing your own water distiller is a small investment that is sure to pay off. Clean and pure water is produced in your own home. No more lugging bottles of water, stored in unsafe plastic, home from the store. Enjoy the peace of mind that whatever impurities are in your water can easily be removed. Every home in America should have a water distiller, whether for your daily drinking water or in a time of crisis, a water distiller could be life-saving. 

If you have questions about our water distillers or about drinking distilled water why not speak with one of our friendly staff members. You can contact us by email or phone and we will gladly assist. 

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